Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tomorrow and Thursday!

"…and this is the story thus far, while propelled by constant surges of energy, is full of compelling pivots. The turbulence, juxtaposed with the dancers’ clear focus and purpose, creates a work that straddles the seemingly opposite states of spontaneity and logic." By Garnet Henderson, The Dance Enthusiast

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Thank you so much to the Indiegogo contributors of ...and this is the story thus far:

Alfonso Paredes                                                                             
Helena Bardusco                                                                           
Anonymous 2                                                                                 
Theresa Hassett                                                                             
Dan Aharon                                                                                    
William Miller                                                                                  
Peter Richards                                                                                
Eliana Yarin
Alcira Foreo Pena                                                                          
Kate Mc Leod                                                                  
Marcia Wholf
Anonymous 3
Kerry Linder
Despina Stamos
Anonymous 4

Also, Thank you to the individuals: Ambassador Edgard Telles Ribeiro, Carmem Matias, Genny Kielberman, Maria de Fátima Carrapatoso, Regina Celia Milani-Miranda, Maria D. Bonilha, JRO'Brien                                               
Contributors of …and this is the story thus far:
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council - Manhattan Community Arts Fund                   
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs                                                                                                
Puffin Foundation LTD.                                                                        
The Standard, Highline
Dixon Place