Monday, August 29, 2011

Impressions from the audience:

"Witty and sophisticated! The text is just enough to hint at you, and it doesn't hit you over the head!"
Sean Curran, Choreographer

"I look forward to seeing more of your work!"
Deborah, John and Sylvia

"Loved it! There was plenty of humor, suspense, sarcasm and beautiful movement" Roger, Visual artist

"Great to see a dance show with plenty of DANCE!"


"I saw Regina in her new performance on Tuesday August 16 and I really enjoyed it. I especially loved the dialogue coupled with the contemporary dance. Regina is a wonderful dancer and doesn't spare any movement. Life is an ongoing movement process and we continue although sometimes we don't know where we are going. Life dilemas are always a part of it.

Thanks for inviting me. Keep me posted with any new events."
Henrietta, occupational therapist

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Kristin Licata, Zachary Denison, Regina Nejman and Amy Adams
Zachary Denison, Kristin Licata and Amy Adams
By Ryan Tully

Sunday, August 7, 2011

getting close! please contribute!

So we are getting close to the end of the KICKSTARTER campaign. Please contribute!

Go to the link and support DANCE MAKING! THANK YOU! Your name will be added to the program's donors list.

The dancers and I are SO EXCITED about the new piece! It has been a great way for us to spend our New York City summer: creating, dancing and laughing a lot in rehearsals. I look forward seeing you at the performances!