Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sunday, March 15th
From Joe Che:
"I will be hosting a beautiful night of live Classical Music in two sections, socialization and contemporary dance vignette from an esteemed choreographer. Music will start at 7:15pm sharp and we will not allow anyone to come in while the musicians are playing.

Dohnanyi, Serenade (3 mvts.), 9:00
Zoltan Kodaly, Intermezzo for String Trio, 6:00
Sollima, Lamentatio, 4:30


Regina Nejman & Company performs a contemporary dance excerpt from her upcoming feature piece

J. S. Bach, Preludio from Partita No. 3, 4:30
Vanhal, Divertimento for Strings, 15:00


This will be part of a new community called Groupmuse, who are dedicated to bringing classical music into people's living room. You can RSVP here or on their event.

Please bring a bottle of wine per person and dress the part.
We will be asking for you to donate $10, which will go directly to the performers.
Message me if you are able to come early and help prepare dinner for the performers something special to share."

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