Saturday, December 7, 2013


Thank you so much to the Indiegogo contributors of ...and this is the story thus far:

Alfonso Paredes                                                                             
Helena Bardusco                                                                           
Anonymous 2                                                                                 
Theresa Hassett                                                                             
Dan Aharon                                                                                    
William Miller                                                                                  
Peter Richards                                                                                
Eliana Yarin
Alcira Foreo Pena                                                                          
Kate Mc Leod                                                                  
Marcia Wholf
Anonymous 3
Kerry Linder
Despina Stamos
Anonymous 4

Also, Thank you to the individuals: Ambassador Edgard Telles Ribeiro, Carmem Matias, Genny Kielberman, Maria de Fátima Carrapatoso, Regina Celia Milani-Miranda, Maria D. Bonilha, JRO'Brien                                               
Contributors of …and this is the story thus far:
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council - Manhattan Community Arts Fund                   
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs                                                                                                
Puffin Foundation LTD.                                                                        
The Standard, Highline
Dixon Place

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